iPhone Credt Shenanigans!!


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Feb 24, 2004
I saved my iPhone credit to apply to the purchase of Leopard. Went to the Apple Store in Atlanta tonight to buy that and the Adobe CS3 upgrade, and after 30 minutes of waiting in line I was inside the store.

Here's the problem:

They applied the Apple Credit post-tax, which means that Apple only spent $92 on my $100 credit. According to several reps at 800-MY-APPLE, the gift card is ALWAYS supposed to be applied to the pre-tax subtotal.

They advised me to call the store and speak with the manager. I called the store and spoke with someone who identified themselves as the manager. She told me it was company policy to apply the credit post-tax, and offered to do nothing for me, even after I told her what the online store reps had told me.

It's only $8, but the principle of the thing is what gets me. $8 x everyone who got the credit is a lot of money that Apple is pocketing if all of the retail stores are doing this.

What do you guys think? Is there a legal expert here who can advise me? Any ambulance chasers want to generate a class action suit on this one?


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Apple paid $100 of $100. They don't get the tax, the state does.

Standard retail rules with any form of tender is to subtotal BEFORE tendering. The tax is calculated on the full price of the product. Anything Apple told you on the phone to the contrary was completely incorrect and unlawful. The store credit was just that, a credit, not a price reduction.

Leopard wasn't discounted, you paid full price. The tender(s) you used are immaterial. Leopard was still $129, but you paid for $100 of it with one form of payment (the store credit), and the remainder through another means.

Nothing shady, it's perfectly correct and appropriate.

Take a breath and enjoy 10.5.


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Oct 6, 2005
You're still saving $100 no matter how you look at it. If they applied it pre-tax, you would be saving $108.


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Aug 28, 2007
Apple gave you a $100 giftcard, as with any gift card the amount is applied toward the total purchase price.
In Fla the math looks like this:
$129.00 Leopard OS
$7.74 State sales tax
$136.74 Grand Total
-$100.00 Apple GiftCard
$36.74 balance


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Dec 13, 2003
In the end, you spent $100 less than you would have had you come in without the credit. While it would have been great for them to pick up the tax as well, by no means should they be expected to do that.
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