Iphone damaged in crash, can't charge it

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    Jul 1, 2010
    I hope this is in the right place.....

    So I was out longboarding with my Iphone 3gs in my pocket, and I crashed hard. I took out my phone and realized it wasnt really working, as in the screen would turn on, but nothing would display, and the whole phone felt pretty hot. After hard resetting it (over the period of 3 hours) about 5 times i finally got the Iphone to display the "connect to power" indicator

    I got home and I plugged the Iphone in, and now it is just getting kind of hot and it does not appear to be charging, but the battery icon appears in the middle of the screen when I plug it in. The only external damage I saw were 2 small cracks going off of the power cable plug.

    First of all, is there anything I could try doing to the phone before taking it into the Apple store, and would there be any way of telling if its a battery problem or if the whole phone is ruined? Or would the Apple Store see what the problem is for free? One last question, I saw on their site they would repair the Iphone for $199, will this phone be applicable for that service.

    Thanks for any answers!
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    Is it white? Actually, even if it isn't, if you say that it just stopped working (assuming you're still under warranty) and describe what's happening. They may just assume the cracks are stress cracks, which are actually covered under warranty.
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    Jul 1, 2010
    my warranty unfortunately ended a week or so ago, and it is black.

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