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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tfrees, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Like many of you, i have the unlimited plan for my iphone 3gS and plan to upgrade to the iphone 4. I was unsure if i would be able to keep my unlimited plan. i just had a chat with an att rep and this is the info i got:

    Yossi: Welcome to AT&T online Feature Sales. How may I assist you with your features today?

    Tyler Frees: i have a wuestion about the data plans for the new iphone. I currently have the unlimited plan and am planning on upgrading to the new iphone 4. can i still keep my unlimited plan?

    Yossi: That is a great question.

    Yossi: If you still have the Unlimited Plan, yes you can stay with it.

    Tyler Frees: will i be able to set that up by myself if i preorder and have it sent to my house?

    Yossi: Yes you can.

    Yossi: Once the phone is release and you receive it you would just follow the steps.

    Tyler Frees: ok, one last question... if i do decide to go down to the 2gb plan, can i go back to the unlimited?

    Yossi: That is also a great question.

    Yossi: If you change to the 2GB, then you will not be able to get the Unlimited.

    Yossi: So it will be a decision to think about Tyler.

    Tyler Frees: ok, thanks for your help

    So to sum it up, if you have unlimited, you can keep it, but if you decide to switch to the 2gb or 200mb, you cant go back
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    Thanks for the clarification but we knew that for a while now.
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