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    So I maintained my unlimited plan with ATT when I got the iphone 4

    When I use the ATT wireless app, it shows "data plan for iphone" under features and not the data plus plans or anyting...so good

    However, when I check usage under data, I get hit with this lingo

    What does this mean????
  2. enderval macrumors newbie

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    Most cell companies will put up something like that whenever there's been a change to your account just to cover their @sses. When I raised my sms to unlimited from 200 it put up a similar note.

    I wouldn't worry about it, but do check next month to be sure they didn't do something stupid.. To stay on the safe side, if you usually use over 200MB/Month of data (smallest new data plan) or suspect you will with the new phone, it wouldn't hurt to phone up AT&T just to be sure you still have unlimited data.
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