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    Nov 29, 2014
    Made the unfortunate mistake of forgetting my iPhone passcode (reset it a couple of weeks ago after getting a prompt from work and have been using TouchID since and couldn't remember it today).

    Given I was locked out Of the phone I tried to do a DFU restore and cancel it in the hope of getting access again, but no luck. I now have a 'new' iphone, but am desperate to try and recover some photos that were on it – since my last backup was 2 months ago.

    Does anyone know of any 'good' legit data recovery software that might allow extraction of photos from the phone? (it seems there are a million and one spammers out there pushing solutions). I could always jailbreak if there were better tools that required a jailbreak to work.
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    as long as you backed it up to itunes, including pictures you can just erase the iPhone and restore it from the backup which will clear the passcode

    in the 2 since months you backed it up, you should have some photos in photo stream

    even if you don't remember your passcode at all. itunes might still remember it, and itunes and iPhoto will still import photos. even from a passcode locked iPhone

    you should be able to backup, sync it, and transfer purchases. erase and restore, even with a passcode lock

    unless you disabled the iPhone by guessing.

    im guessing the iPhone recovery software can't recover from a iPhone with a passcode lock. as loing as its locked by a passcode, the usb port is dead to the world. it is the passcode that unlocks the usb port.
    except for itunes, it knows that the iPhone belongs to you and has its own way of unlocking the usb port
    so it can talk to it and sync

    i plugged in my iPad. i haven't backed up this iPad to itunes since 10-12. it still knew my passcode. and iPhoto came up and i never had to unlock the iPad

    i backed up my iPad to tunes
    i disconnected it
    i changed its passcode
    i locked it
    i connected it back to itunes and they both knew how to talk to it and i didn't have to type my passcode at all

    i keep forgetting if DFU mode simply just reinstalls iOS or if it completely erases your iphone.

    if you erased your iPhone, then you are lost. when an iPhone gets erased it clears its block cipher and all the content that was encrypted with 256 bit encryption is irrecoverable.

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