iphone dead after Pwnage

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    Jun 13, 2007
    I'll try to make this clean and simple.I've jailbroken my phone in the past, but finally decided to go legit and run a unjailbroken phone for the past 6 months.
    My phone was on the go phone plan back in the day but I was using it as an ipod since.
    I decided to Pwnage my phone today (Phone was running firmware 1.1.3) Everything appeared to go fine and everything installed, until the reboot happened. My phone died and wouldn't turn back on and hasn't since 5pm today. Tried everything on this board and googled etc. Did the soft restore.. held Home buttone and on button. Prayed a little, etc.
    Not sure what happened.
    When I got home from work (where I did all of this)
    I decided to connect the phone to see if "iNdependence" could do something about it: This is what happened:
    iTunes opened up and I got this message

    Than I checked iNdependence and noticed this: notice the status at the bottom.

    all of this and my iphone still won't turn on/work.

    Any suggestions? Thanks

    !@#$%^& I just realized that I installed the ipod firmware 1.1.4 onto my iphone. Gosh. How could I be so... O.k. So now the question is, how to I uninstall this ipod firmware and get the iphone firmware back on it.
    Idiot! :(
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    Jun 13, 2007
    Problem fixed.
    From spinstorm:
    Mods. You can either lock and delete this, or keep it open in case someone else falls under the same category as I did. Thanks

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