iPhone Dead Strip - will warranty cover it?

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    Dec 18, 2009
    So, my friends big ass knocked my iPhone out of his hand as he walked past. it dropped on the floor, wasnt a big fall, probably a 3ft drop. i dint think anything of it as ive dropped it before. Funny thing was that just before this i took off my case to take a picture (my case's camera hole doesnt fit flush). I just picked it up and put it back in my pocket.

    I reached home and tried to unlock my phone, it didnt unlock. it wasnt responding to my touch. I rebooted the phone and the enter code thing came up. I could enter my code as it was 6121 which is around the middle. I went into calculator and tested the dead strip. I figured its around an inch and a bit from the bottom of the screen. Then something weird happened. I was trying to tap the screen in frustration and the number 2 got selected. I experimented and found that if i swipe hard horizontally across a certain dead area it reponds but for only a split second. So i can unlock my phone now, but it takes me like a minute to get a swipe. sometimes the slider moves to unlock but doesnt reach the end.

    Now the big question. Will my warranty cover the repair? I am aware that the apple warranty DOES NOT cover accidental drop/handling damage. Im probably mistaken but i read somwer that the "dead strip" is a common problem and a manufacturing defect??

    If i go to the Apple Store and tell them i dropped it they prolly wont repair it. would they?

    But what if i told them it happened by itself? I dont like being dishonest but i really have to get it fixed. Im still on the plan for this phone for another 17 months or so...and as im sure you know, its costs a bomb.
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    Is there any evidence of physical damage? The only things that voids the Apple warranty are if there is physical damage (i.e. dropping, big dents, cracks or water sensor triggered) and if there is evidence of the phone being internally accessed, meaning someone opened it for any of a multitude of reasons. If there are no signs of the above your warranty is honorable and you should go to Apple. This is not scamming them, nor being dishonest because the damage itself voids the warranty, not the means of damage.

    For what it's worth, the "dead strip" problem is a somewhat common issue with iPhones but not of pandemic proportions.


    P.S. - I recommend a new case. ;)
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    Dec 18, 2009
    Well there are no big dents or anything other than a few scuffs. The water sensor is not triggered. I will probably take it in anyway, just to give it a try.

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