iPhone deleted everything by itself?!?!

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    So this AM I went to download some podcasts. The screen froze for a second, so I put down the phone to wait it out. I look back at my phone, and pretty much everything not associated to a native app function is gone. Music, photos, video, all toast. The icons for all my apps are there, but none of them work. My contacts, texts, email, and safari favorites remain, but everything else is gone. Is there any recovery hope outside of restoring from a backup? I've been slack on that lately and haven't synced in 6 weeks, which is also totally awesome. Ugh.
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    If you have a backup from six weeks ago, then yes, but I'd urge you to restore as new so it'll knock everything back to it's default value and then reconstruct your layout and media as it was before.

    Tends to keep the OS from hiccuping and throwing a critical error, as I assume that's what happened. It basically dumped off everything that wasn't part of the core OS.

    EDIT: Additional question: You can still use all of the other features of the phone, correct? Like make phone calls, access the calendar, email, etc?
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    Yes, everything else works. Phone, txt, maps, notes, etc all work.

    I deleted one app, and re-installed it. It seems now all the apps work again after just fixing one. All my music and pics are still gone though.

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