Iphone deleted music by itself

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    Jul 26, 2010
    Hey guys, tonight I downloaded an album that just came out off of the mobile itunes store on the iphone. I went to check back with it an hour and a half or so later to find that I had no more downloads but all songs had not yet been available to listen to (they wouldnt show up). So then I decided to reset my iphone because I really didnt know what else to do. I did have all of my other music at this point by the way before the I reset it.

    Once it was finished, I went to check on the music and it said loading music. I knew this wasnt a big deal so I just waited until it was done only to find that I have maybe 40 out of the 1500 or so songs that I have on my computer and had on the iphone up until I reset it. Now I know this situation may seem fairly dumb as I'm typing this on my laptop which is not what my iphone is synced to and it has none of my music on it. That computer is back home. I got about three more weeks before I head home so I was just wondering if anyone has encountered this problem before and knows how to fix it. I dont see how the iphone could permanently delete the music files themselves without having been synced to a computer. So maybe if theres a way I can get it to load the music again they might show up. Just a thought. Any ideas or solutions? Thanks in advance.

    Edit: It's an Iphone 3g btw. And I realized it deleted all music except the ones I bought of the mobile itunes store where the songs downloaded straight to the iphone. Sorry for the multiple edits.

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