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May 18, 2012
alright its that time again. my upgrade opportunity is coming, june to be specific. im on verizon and i currently am the proud owner of a droid x upon which a lovely customer at mcdonalds (where I work) had spilled a decanter of ice tea. hey, weve all been there. no harm no foul right?

anyways it works but just barely and im not interested in repairing it only to hold on to a Frankenstein unit for another 2 years before next upgrade season.

like it or not, apple is taking over the world (and with good reason, sexy laptops and phones) most cars list iphone compatibility(not android) my friend who is going to medical school has had his place of learning require him to get an ipad (not an android tablet)
whens the last time you went to see your favorite electronic music artist/dj perform? what was on their laptop stand next to their midi controller? (ya thats what i thought, no thinkpads here bro)

who am i to fight an entire industry or the earth for that matter, especially when their alliance is with a line of products that are that nifty. im all aboard.

i realize that the iphone 5 is coming in a matter of time but will verizon understand my need to wait for it. will there be upgrade opportunities once it comes out? or should will they just tell me to go f myself?

also i had another inquiry. i realize a lot of folks here ask whether or not they should go and get a 64 gb ipod or a 32. most cases they would be better off getting a 64.

i don't know about you guys but i have around 85.6 gbs or music (not including lossless).
how do i work around this?
my friend just says suck it up and keep a manageable playlist.
but wouldnt that take loads of time?
i keep imagining itunes eating up a significant amount of my afternoons and nights (not that i have a life or anything :)

to those of you with massive music libraries and ADHD listening habbits and a tendency to be in a rush(or f'ed up) most of the time.
how would you approach this problem?


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Feb 19, 2005
When the next iPhone comes out if you're upgrade eligible then VZW will be happy to sell you a phone. As for your music library, through your rambling and being the Queen of rambling I can say you may have topped me, I believe you will just have to suck it up and pick the music you want on your iPhone and/or use iCloud.


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May 18, 2012
i talk a lot both in person and not.
as far as my understanding gos, upgrade eligibility is determined after your two year agreement is done right?

basically if i hold out for the next phone will i have to hold off on all phones? if i dont upgrade my phone will i be able to use that unused upgrade for an iphone5?

PBG4 Dude

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Jul 6, 2007
Dude. Seriously. 85GBs is how many months of music again? :p

I know what it's like having to only carry a portion of my music around (but what if I get in the mood for alien pepper grinders and it isn't on my playlist!?! :eek: What will I do then?!?). Just pare your playlist down to 2 or 3 weeks worth of 24/7 music and it should fit in 32GB storage.


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Apr 21, 2004
You could always pay full price for a cheap android phone to keep you going until the next iPhone comes out in the fall and use your upgrade credit then.
Or, wait the two weeks until June and upgrade to the iPhone 4S, knowing that the next version is about 5 months away.


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Aug 27, 2008
Verizon lets you upgrade at the subsidized price starting on the 20th month of your 24 month contract (2 yr contract) VZW wont force you to upgrade in June when your upgrade is available. My father's upgrade has been available since Feb. & he's waiting for the next iPhone. The only time they bring it up is when you call them for anything. They just give you a friendly reminder you have an upgrade available. With Apple releasing the iPhone 4s back in Oct of last year it will be interesting if they go back to their June/July releases or leave it at Sept/Oct.

If your current phone wont make it till then, you can always get an older smartphone from ebay or craigslist & activate it on your number. This won't make any changing your upgrade availability or contract. The only thing that Verizon will change is the insurance if you had it on your current phone. This is because they will not insure phone not bought directly from them.

As for your music, I can understand wanting access to ALL your music. I only have about 30GB of music, but I dont keep it all on my iPhone 4. I use Apple's iTunes Music Match to have iTunes match/upload all the music in iTunes onto their servers. This allows you to have access to ALL your music on your iPhone. The only issue with this is if songs aren't currently stored on the phone it will download the music via 3G (hopefully 4G when the iPhone gets it) & wifi on the fly. Music Match is $25 per year but is well worth it (IMHO)


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Nov 4, 2010
i dont understand the need to try and store ALL your music on your phone but whatever. if you need that, just use google music which is free. it'll store up to 20,000 songs and stream to your phone using apps like gmusic.
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