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    So, the New Year isn't always so kind to Apple. I always use the alarm on my iPhone to wake myself up. Yet it seemed to fail for the past 4 years for me to wake me up on the New Year. Twice was I late to work because of it (thankfully Apple excused me). I do not work for Apple any more so I can post on here, hence my signature.

    Anyways, the New Year is again not kind to Apple besides the alarm. Today the Do Not Disturb feature not turning off today. It didn't for me. Though, now I am finding it doesn't even turn on now when scheduled when I'm about to go to sleep.

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    What!! A bug in software!! lol :D

    You weren't allowed to post here while you worked for Apple?
    Why is that?
    What did you do?
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    Yes, at Apple we were encouraged not to even look at rumor sites. If we were to look at rumor sites we had to make sure we didn't confuse correct information with the rumors. Also we could not speculate. I understood this as to make sure not to confuse anyone nor were we the ones to comment on such things as they have a department for that.

    Also, we weren't allowed to post on here because they didn't want us near this kind of information. Nor did they want anything to go on record.

    I worked in the Apple Retail Store for 3 years. I was a part time specialist that worked during the holidays (summer & Christmas breaks).

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