iPhone doesnt turn on! Help!

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  1. konstantintati macrumors newbie

    Aug 21, 2010
    Hey guys! Im having a problem with my iPhone 2G 8GB. I bought it 2 years ago from my friend. It worked fine, I jailbreaked and unlocked it. But the screen glass was cracked at the top. After getting a 3G for me, I decided to order a screen glass on ebay and fix it, so I can give it to my mom. I cracked the screen (I didnt know that you cant replace the glass by itself!). After that Ive put my iPhone to the plastic bag and forgot it for almost 1 year.

    About a week ago I ordered a screen from Hong Kong from ebay. Today I received it. I replaced the screen, but not the sensor, sensor was not included... I assemblied my phone and it wont turn on. When I plug it for charge, the screen blinks white for 5 seconds, then black, then white again and turns off! Computer doesnt see it. Maybe its because i didnt turn it on for about a year? Also i didnt plug the camera (i dont think its a problem) and the sensor (when you talk it makes the screen turn black). Maybe I have to assembly it again? It was really complicated... I dont think I damaged the motherboard or wires, I was very careful. Please help if you can. And by the way - is it dangerous if my battery is punctured and a little crashed? Is it bad for my health? Cause I damaged it with my screwdriver..
    P.S. Sorry for my grammar mistakes, Im from Russia (live in Texas) :)
  2. konstantintati thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 21, 2010
    ok guys, i took it apart again, put it back and now it doesnt work at all, BUT my computer sees it (MacBook Late 2007) and says that USB connection uses too much power! Should I change a battery??? Is it because i didnt use it for a year??? Can I turn on my 2G without a battery? I dont want to solder it now, I just want to check if it works. Can I just cut the wires???
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    Jul 14, 2009
    There are very gentle wires on the top of the phone that connect to the screen you could have damaged. Try putting the phone in DFU mode. Google search it to find the instructions.

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