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    First of all, this is NOT about the huge data drainage others users experience with their iPhone or due to AT&T. I searched for answers everywhere but I couldn't find any. Oh and by the way, my native language is not English so apologize me for any mistakes.

    After using my iPhone for a few months, suddenly the battery began to drain very rapidly (from 100% to 0% in 8 hours without ANY usage). However this happened just a week before iOS 5.1 was being released, and everything went to normal when I installed 5.1

    Now, approximately a month later, all of a sudden, the problem is back again! Started from the moment I synced my iPhone through Wifi with my iMac (used the 'Synchronize'-button in iTunes). Searching for the cause, I noticed (thanks to a data-monitoring app from my carrier) my iPhone continuously connects to their cellular networks. Every 1 to 5 minutes it connects and consumes +/- 7 KBs of data (can be 25KB tops when the last connection was a little longer ago). Ok so I found out why the battery was being drained, now I just need to solve this problem.

    Then I found something about the Wifi Sync which could drain data for searching the computer again. I thought: "That's it!" since it started from the moment I synced again by Wifi. BUT... turning Wifi sync off didn't solved it! What's even more bizarre: My iPhone is connected to a Wifi-network, but drains data using the cellular network! Why does it uses Edge when it can use the Wifi-network? And more importantly: WHAT is it doing anyway??

    What I've tried:

    • Turned all apps off (bring up menu and pressed red circle with minus)
    • Turning Siri off
    • Turning Wifi Sync off
    • Set DNS for the Wifi network to
    • A full restore of the iPhone, but restored it using a backup
    • A full restore of the iPhone, as a new phone (no backup)

    None of this helped. A full restore helped, but the problem returned not much later.

    Some preferences I've set:

    • Bluetooth off
    • "Diagnostics & Usage" to "Don't send"
    • Email set to retrieve 'manual' (not push, not fetch)
    • iCloud on, but "Use Cellular Data" is turned off
    • "Use Cellular Data" for the App Store is turned off
    • Home Sharing is turned off
    • Wifi Sync on (turning off didn't solve the problem, see above)
    • Siri on (turning off didn't solve the problem, see above)
    • "Location Services" only on for "Compass calibration" and some apps

    It must be software-related, since the problem wasn't always there (Had it 3 months before it happened for the first time) and went away with iOS 5.1. Now it however returned after a sync executed from my iMac.

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    A little update:

    Facebook push notifications turned off: no effect
    Uninstalled Facebook app: no effect

    I also want to mention I have only 1 email-account, the iCloud-account.

    Sometimes the drain stops for a few hours, then all of a sudden it starts again.
    It only happens when I'm connected to a wifi-network
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    Book an appointment with an apple store genius.

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