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    Hello, everybody! About a month ago I dropped my iPhone SE in Apple Leather Case from ear height (something near 5-6 ft.) It landed on top left corner, and I discovered small dent on phone body under the leather case. Apart of that, there is no cosmetic damage at all, and everything works fine.
    So. The question is about internal damage.
    I've read a lot of similar threads here about drop damage, internal damage etc. And also read a lot of scientific articles about drop testing of PCB (printed circuit board), to find out how easily some chip on iPhone motherboard can be knocked out (all of us remember iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease).
    There is also JEDEC Solid State Technology Association's Standard "Mechanical Shock JESD22-B104C". This documents postulates standards of drop testing for consumer electronics manufacturers (who manufacture electronics wit solid state components, such as processors).

    And eventually I figured out a number of statements that may help to find peace for all who dropped their phones:

    1. If there is no visual damage on your phone, check if everything inside works as usual (to find internal damage):
    a. Touch works everywhere on the screen.
    b. Both cameras works and focuses properly.
    c. Both speakers (ear and bottom) are fine.
    d. Vibration motor (taptic engine) sounds as usual.
    e. Accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, GPS, cell reception and download speed on cell or Wi-Fi internet are fine.
    f. All buttons and ports are good.​
    If all above is OK, then there may be no internal damage. Keep an eye to your phone a few weeks after, because internal damage (as microscopic cracks in solder joints) could develop itself not right after impact, but during following hours/days/weeks. If it doesn't, then you are safe!

    Main conclusion: If any internal damage could show up it will definitely show up in next several weeks after drop. If everything is still OK at that time, then there is likely no internal damage.

    2. Smartphones internal circuit boards in general are designed to withstand human height drops (1.5 m or 5 ft.). Of course, bad luck happens, and such drops could smash buttons and screen, but in most cases internals of phone will survive. Here we talk about proper manufacturing conditions, proper soldering etc. Drop stress itself not as dangerous for circuit board, as bend stress. Bend stress is the worst for soldered chips. And iPhone 6 Plus is the good example of that: https://ifixit.org/blog/8309/iphone-6-plus-gray-flicker-touch-death/

    You are welcome to discuss and I will be glad to hear your thoughts and observations!
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    Yeah, I think you are looking into this a bit too much.

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