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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by coolajami, Nov 20, 2010.

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    Jun 6, 2009
    Hi there
    I found myself in a problem, that in a weird way, i couldn't found any feedback in Internet or forums.
    I had two sets of Iphone earphones (with volume control and the mic) and both of them show the same problem. After 4-6 months of use the volume goes extremely low and distorted, cannot hear music in a noisy environment when first could( not sth extremely noisy, for example in a bus) and the mic volume also goes down having my mates complaining that cannot hear me when I speak to them through the earphone mic and always have to remove them and speak to the device.

    That didn't happen once, but in two different sets of iphone earphones and just now had to buy a third pair. I know that nothing last forever, I expect to have the normal wear of the earphones and eventually they would require replacement, but I bought 3 pairs of the same earphone set IN A YEAR!!!!

    I asked to O2 store if there is any feedback about and they just said, "don't wrap the earphones around the device or anywhere".
    I hardly had that habit, but I also know if I leave them loose in my pocket or bag soon will turn into a knot and that also is not good for the health of the earphones.
    And no, iphone minijack is nice and clean, the new set works perfectly and the sound is fine(as the two previous sets before that).

    Is there sth I missing? is anyone know if there is a guarantee on the earphones and how long is valid? I had a collection of really nice earphones from other companies, but still need the mic that is why just keep buying this apple stuff :(
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    The earbuds break down quickly, due to the switches in the mic/volume control. The earbuds are covered under the same warranty as the phone, so Apple should replace them as long as the phone is covered. I had to have Apple replace by original iPhone earbuds 8 times in two years (I bought AppleCare), for the same reason, and I have had to get my separately purchased earbuds with mic and volume control twice, in just a year. It is a major flaw, and Apple claims to be working on it.

    Also, any earbuds you buy separately, are covered by their own 1-year warranty. Just hold onto the receipt to claim.

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    Tears Apart

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    Apple plugs have always been the nightmare of audiophiles. The quality is *so* bad.

    I could use a microphone too, and the volume controls even more, but I'd rather stick to my Shure SE201 for decent listening.

    I mean, for 20 dollars you get KOSS Porta Pro and the quality becomes 10 times better!
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    Jan 8, 2010
    [insert what the others were saying]

    The part I found most annoying about it all is that no one is selling them anywhere. They force you to go to an Apple or mac store to get them replaced. I'm breaking down and saying the heck with Apple and buying a 3rd party pair, with mic, and hoping for the best.

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