iPhone Earpiece stopped working


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Jul 1, 2007
After using my iPhone in iPod mode on a flight from the west coast, my earpiece stopped working upon landing. I tried everything I could think of: turning the phone on and off, turning on and off airplane mode, soft reset, and finally i tried restoring the phone. None of that solved the problem. The rest of the iPhone worked well, including the phone using either the speaker phone or head phones. I was at the end of my rope when I googled the problem and found a few postings on other sites detailing similar trouble. It turns out the iPhone seems to have problems detecting when headphones have been removed. To solve the problem, I simply plugged and unplugged the head phones several times. Finally, the earpiece started working. The sad part of this story was how unhelpful the Apple Store was when I brought my phone in to discuss the problem. According to the person at the Genius Bar, they have "never heard of this problem before." After suggesting they google the problem, they offered to repair my phone if the problem continued but there was no mention of an exchanging. Anyone else have this problem? I couldn't find a post on mac forums about this yet but perhaps i missed it.


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Jan 16, 2006
iPhone built-in speaker audio not working

I had the same problem. Suddenly, the built-in speaker stopped working and phones calls I made didn't have any sound. The iPod didn't play, voice mail didn't have any sound. The screen looked like everything was working, but there was no sound. I plugged in the earphones, the sound came through, removed them... nothing... I found a suggestion on iphoneatlas.com that if I plug the earphones in and out several times, it would work again. It did, but what if I'm somewhere and I don't have my earphones? How do I fix it then? I tried turning the thing on and off, I tried plugging it in to sync, neither worked. So, um... yes this is a real problem... a phone/iPod with no sound... It's only hapened once in a month, but I've never had another cell phone do this in 6 years.


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Mar 18, 2009
I had a very similar problem I called ATT they said you have a bad iphone. Went to apple store they replaced the hardware the controls the ear piece. They turned back on my phone and it still didn’t work. Then the wiped and reloaded my phone and it now worked. So went home did a restore from back up and guess what the ear piece stopped working again. So I reloaded the software and of course it started to work again. Well a few weeks have passed and I finally loaded all my apps back. I loaded the CITI bank app and activated with my account and my ear piece stopped working again... I think there is a software bug out there that needs to be looked at?:confused:


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May 28, 2012
My earpiece stopped working too..I've already tried putting on and off the headset but still it's not working...#