iPhone EDGE users: can you believe this is the same software?


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Feb 26, 2008
I just saw the news about the security bug allowing you to bypass the passcode lock. Wow. How embarressed must Apple be right now?

I had a first-gen iPhone before the 3G one. It was fantastic. The old 1.X software was as solid as a rock. Crashes were extremely rare, iTunes syncing was a breeze, the UI never slowed down, it was all perfect.

How on Earth did Apple ruin that solid base so much? AppStore applications don't run in the background, so they can hardly be blamed for Safari's move in to adolescence - slumping back in to bed when you want it to do any work, becoming entirely unresponsive at random times. They also can't be blamed for things like the SMS application which, despite the 2.0.2 update, is still pretty much unusable.

The new iPhone has GPS as well as triangulation-based location services. Despite GPS being additional and happening after triangulation, I can't get Google Maps to give me a fix anywhere. No triangulation, no GPS, nothing. On the 1st gen iPhone, triangulation was quick and fairly accurate. Now it just can't be bothered.

Oh, and during the times you manage to catch Safari off-guard and make it actually show you web pages, the cellular network seems to implode, giving you endless -302 network errors (in London, anyway, with 5 bars 3G). Maybe it's a network problem, maybe the iPhone's modems have caught the 'can't be bothered' bug and decided to go in to hibernation. Given the total lack of quality of this software, I wouldn't doubt it.

Oh yes, and applications crash all the time. Being so adventurous as to launch an application is enough to bring something you've used a hundred times before to its knees. It's time for another hard reboot. Joy.

What could have caused such a major breakdown of all the iPhone's features in such a spectacular boom? I can't think of anything. Can you? Did they start the 2.0 firmware from scratch?


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Nov 29, 2007
I had the original iPhone, and now I have the 3G, and I can honestly say that it's a barely noticeable difference for me.

I swear, I must be the only one not having issues with my 3G. Battery life is consistently between 6-8 hours, although admittedly I have 3G off and location services on only 35% of of the time, but I do have Fetch set to 15 minutes, and I surf the web and play games (Cro-Mag Rally, Enigmo, monkey Ball, Koi Pond) a lot.

As for the software, I've only had it crash on me twice, and both were while I was installing an App and I pressed the "Settings" button. Pressing the "Settings" button always gives me lag, and that never used to happen with my original, but Safari has not crashed once for me, and it used to crash constantly with my original, so I guess it's a tradeoff.

Also, I swear that Edge is faster than on my original, although I'm guessing that this is a hardware advantage as opposed to a software one. I know WiFi is faster as well.

I'm very happy with my 3G. The thing I was the most worried about was battery life, and I can absolutely say that I've been getting the same, if not better, battery life on my 3G as I did on the original. And I'm using GPS and CPU intensive games, which I never did on my original.

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Apr 2, 2006
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The thing is, 2.0 is actually massively different to 1.x in order to provide for native Apps, including a complete reworking of the security model of the phone. Having said that, I can honestly say I have very few problems with the iPhone apps (had a few crashes from App store apps but that's down the the authors of those apps, not Apple)

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Aug 22, 2007
What the OP is describing is what 2.0 was like for me. Since 2.0.2 virtually all of those bugs have been removed for me (apart from the lag, grr rar grr!!). Even with the almighty 1.1.4 (Oh how I miss you!!!) safari still tanked every now and again but that was nothing to write home about as it was really rare.

Im looking for Apple to pull through on this one for us!! 2.1 FTW (I hope!!) :apple: