iPhone email crashing over and over (UNsolved...BLAH)

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    Latest EDIT - UNsolved...and I want to die.

    OK this is starting to piss me off.

    So now I have a little message with no subject, no header that won't go away at all and keeps saying that I have 1 new message. I delete, it reappears within seconds. I've tried turning off push, logging into MM in Firefox to look for the offending message...and also in mail.app...and it is not to be found anywhere. I did uncover a similar thread from earlier this year where there was no solution found. This is lame. Time to do a restore I guess. Loose all my progress in games and my sketches that I'm editing. HOLY CRAP. Apple needs to stop screwing around. MobileMe has caused me more headaches than Windows ME. GET IT TOGETHER APPLE!!

    EDIT - SOLVED: (or not...see above)

    Wow. So I don't get a lot of emails to my MM account right now since its new. Basically, I just needed to send myself a new email to kick out the corrupt one from being the first message. When it loaded, there was the test email and the corrupted one underneath, which ironically, was the reset password link for my MM account when I was signing up using the password change trick to login the first time. It came up with no subject, no sender. Its so weird. It doesn't let me delete the message...it comes back...and not only that, but with the current time. Creepy weird. It shows as being unread...but it seems more like its undead. Its like the ghost email that haunts my iPhone and my life. Well as long as it stays buried with my other messages that I've moved from the trash back into the inbox, then thats fine with me. Just like my dead great grandma who lives in the wooden chest in my parent's basement, I'll just have to live with it for now!! 5 hours down the drain...damn!

    ------ Original Message ------

    I posted this in the MobileMe section, and will briefly recap here since it also applies to this section.

    Basically, my iPhone email app crashes back to the home screen any time I go to my MobileMe inbox and ONLY my MobileMe inbox. All other email accounts are fine. I have rebooted, deleted accounts, toggled preferences, reinstated accounts, nothing works. I am tired of restoring my iPhone to fix 2.0 bugs. I also can't do a restore until Monday because I'm away from my MBP. Some things of note:

    - This is a day 1 iPhone 3g (AT&T). MM has been working since Monday with no problems until today.
    - Only effects MM email, all other push works fine with calendar, contacts
    - I logged into MM email online, and all my messages are accessable. I even deleted them all in case there was a problem
    - It still shows I have one unread message. This only appears when I have MM account active
    - The first time it happened, while watching the Dark Knight, it drained my battery from 100% down to 10% during the movie, and afterwords 3g would not work until charging it again. It was also warmer than usual for not being used for that long
    - I've never hacked anything
    - I am running the latest 5a347 firmware
    - I will forever love whoever knows how to fix this problem!

    Ok, maybe not the last one, but I would really appreciate some help!! Its driving me bonkers.
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    At last I've found a posting similar to what I'm getting on my iphone. Did you ever manage to get it solved. I've phone o2 support and all they tell me to do is to delete my email account and setting and try again. And the emails come back. I have 2 that refuse to go away, are nowhere else, blank and dont let me delete them.

    Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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