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    Sep 13, 2013
    I have an iphone. I put my 2 emails into it, ones a yahoo and ones a gmail one. The thing is I'm on another forum where if someone posts on the thread, i can get an email notification when this occurs. Im not sure if you are familiar with it but i subscribe to a thread... and i can received instant email notifications to my email. And thus i check my email on my iphone.

    I noticed that on that forum, whenever theres a post on a thread, i would receive the email notification to my iphone always 2 minutes later. Maybe thats the way the forum works such as its not instant... but theres always that 2 minute lag. However, recently i have not gotten any updates at all. So when im on the forum on the computer and notice a post has been made, i look at my phone, press the home button, the click on mail... then my gmail... then it loads the email that there was an update to the thread. Before this, there was either a sound and vibrate or one of them which told me someone posted in the thread.

    Is this something with my settings? Im sure i have to go to settings, then i assume mail? But when i do this, do i turn on show in notification center? I believe this is yes.

    For the sounds, what do you put it as? Currently it shows classic ding.

    Do i turn on badge app icon? Do i turn on show on lock screen?

    What is the alert style when unlocked option i want. Its at none. There is none, banners and alerts.

    So basically when im not using my phone, there is nothing showing on my screen obviously unless i press the home key. I also sometimes don't put a passcode as well. So does this change in which option i want... assuming i have a passcode to my phone or not? At the moment, i do not. I like to know how i can set up notification where i would know immediately i got an email. This email i use, i rarely get any emails at all and thus if i do, its from this thread.

    Would like if someone can tell me.
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    Gmail will not be instant as it is IMAP and not push email. Not sure how Yahoo works these days.

    Your best bet for these would be to use your me.com email address.
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    Sep 13, 2013
  4. C DM macrumors Sandy Bridge

    Oct 17, 2011
    An iCloud email account (from Apple).

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