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    May 12, 2010

    I have been hunting all over the internet for a fix to my problem. I've just replaced the back to my iPhone 3G 8GB and now the screen won't come on. The phone itself is still working/powering, as my computer recognizes it and also the vibrate button works.

    I was gonna send it off to an independent repair service as my warranty is no more. I have broken off one or two things in the process (idiot). The little gold part that touches the chrome bezel in the bottom right hand corner of the logic board snapped off but it kinda clicks back into place and i've taped back on. The house for connector 3 is chipped a little but I doubt that matters as that connector is for the sensor/earpiece. Also there's two copper connectors on the back of my screen that touch the circuit board on the speak/dock connector. One of those two tabs have fallen off. However the screen wasn't showing before these breaks occured.

    I will post some pictures later on to show the minor breaks.

    Any SERIOUS help at all would be very much appreciated.
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    You need a new LCD or you screwed something up.
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    Jun 21, 2010
    If the connector for the sensor cable (connector 3) is broken, you will not get any display.
    The sensor is a proximity/light sensor. It tells the iphone you are holding the phone to your ear so that the screens turn off and you don't press any buttons with your ear.
    Check the guide here for replacing the connector

    The copper (gold) part is for grounding and is also important.
    If it is not making a good connection you can get a variety of problems including no display, overheating battery, lines on screen, non functioning touch etc etc.

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