iPhone Exclusivity ends in the Netherlands

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    Source - http://www.nu.nl/gadgets/2354933/kpn-en-vodafone-gaan-iphone-4-verkopen.html


    AMSTERDAM - KPN and Vodafone are soon to begin selling the iPhone 4. This marks the end of an exclusive deal between Apple and T-Mobile for sale of the iPhone in the Netherlands.

    KPN will offer the iPhone 4 through their brands KPN, Hi and Telfort. The remaining details such as phone prices and data plans have not yet been confirmed. Vodafone have reported that the iPhone 4 will be incorporated into their selection of handsets, but have also not yet given any specifics.

    Previously KPN and Vodafone sold the iPhone by means of offering iPhone contracts to unlocked phones, with KPN targetting this service at business customers. The iPhone smartphone will now be incorporated in to their regular assortment of phones

    Reaction from T-Mobile

    T-Mobile have reported that they are not surprised by this move from Apple. "There is plenty of room in the market" , stated a spokesperson. T-Mobile refused to comment on if they thought they would loose market share because of this.

    Apparently T-Mobile were unaware of the conversations between KPN, Vodafone and Apple: "That is something between Apple and those providers."
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    Apple is currently massively expanding.

    The previous carriers possibly had deals for '3 months following the iPhone 4 launch' to get the initial hyped up customers.

    Germany went from 1 to 3 carriers selling the iPhone, Austria from 2 to 4. Loving it, cheaper plans for everyone! ;)

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