iPhone Facetime video/audio call log issue.

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    So, this issue was brought up by a friend of mine, and I have yet to be able to duplicate this yet. Basically, he would make phone calls (regular non-VoIP stuff) during the day and the phone calls will be logged as usual in the recent section. But at night, he makes a lot of FaceTime audio calls (for international purpose). He is telling me that, he notices the FaceTime individual conversation log is slowly replacing this regular call stuff. And it look like iPhone is more interested in keeping the FaceTime log than the regular phone call log.

    To put it in another way, giving the iPhone's ability to store 100 recent calls. If you make a FaceTime audio call on Monday, then make a regular phone call on Tuesday and if you hit the 100 limit. You would think that the phone will delete the FaceTime audio call, since its dated earlier than the regular call made on Tuesday. But in fact the phone will remove the regular call and keep the FaceTime conversation in the recent section.

    Like I said, I have yet to be able to duplicate this, I'll give it a try tonight by dialing bunch of random people on FaceTime to see if this is indeed true. But if any of you had similar situation, I'd like to hear about it. I've search the forum and the only related post I found is:


    But it has no reply, so I guess most people don't use FaceTime as much.

    Update 1: I just ran some test myself, but I can't seem to reproduce what my friend was talking about. My iPhone seems to just delete the oldest call, regardless of regular of FaceTime audio. So, I guess either my friend is mistaken, or he is talk about something completely different...
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    Omg I thought I was the only one! This has been happening to me as well. Did you ever figure out why? I've been having so much trouble with my phone and I'm NOT tech savvy at all.

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