iPhone Family-is it possible to be the lone Samsung?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to Mac Hardware' started by NateEssex, Sep 15, 2017.

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    My family all has iPhones. I am wondering if anyone has found a way to get along with an Samsung/Android device while the rest of the family has iPhones. Has anyone found substitutes for Find my iPhone, iMessages, etc. Can you use iCloud/access files on android? Connecting your Samsung phone to your MacBook Pro?

    Thanks for any opinions or information.
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    You might get better response on the alternative to iOS forum instead of alternative to Mac.

    I am mulling the same thing. I've stopped using a Mac for the most part, and would like to go to Android since I'm not that thrilled with where Apple is headed with pretty much everything, except maybe Apple TV. Wat is holding me back is the rest of the family is all iPhones.

    We have Apple Music, and I would probably switch us to Amazon... its cheaper and should basically do the same thing. We don't use iCloud, so no loss there, but there is probably a way to access it on Android. The simplest thing would probably be to just switch to Google, Microsoft, or Amazon for cloud storage... all of which are cross platform.

    For me, the biggest challenge is our family group message thread. When anyone in the past has not had an iPhone, then it causes issues resulting in many, many different threads instead of one. We ended up using GroupMe in that case for group messages, and it worked pretty well. Its just using a separate app.

    I've got a screen defect on my iPhone 6s+ and Applecare ends in a few weeks, and AT&T has a $300 credit on the Galaxy Note 8 if you trade in an old phone (I have a Galaxy s5 I can trade). So I would have a unused refurbished iPhone 6s+ I could sell, and get the Galaxy Note 8 for $300 off... pretty small delta.
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    My husband is all Android. I'm all Apple. It's never been a problem.

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