iPhone Flash storage (conspiracy theory..)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by whooleytoo, Jul 10, 2007.

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    There seem to be a number of actions on the iPhone whose frequency/usage is quite limited. The minimum interval for fetching mail is 15 minutes (not nearly often enough for some people). The minimum interval for auto-deleting mail is 1 day (far too long, if you're burdened with spam). This could be an oversight, or it could be Apple trying to save battery life by reducing the frequency of actions like these.

    But here's another one: you can't drag individual files/albums to an iPhone like an iPod, but only as part of an overall sync. Battery life isn't an issue here, so is it just an oversight, or is there a reason?

    Could it be that since Apple hasn't (presumably?) created a new filesystem for Flash devices (such as JFFS or YAFFS), it has been forced into these usage constraints by using Flash storage? Flash storage is slow when used for lots of small transfers; and without one of the above filesystems lacks wear-levelling. Could this be the reason for some of the odd settings/use decisions?
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    I think they eliminated disk mode to make hacking the iPhone as hard as possbile.
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    i dont think it uses a weird files system as drag'drop will be supported most likely in the next update as well as file browsing on the phone.

    i have no clue why apple didnt released it WITH the phone's launch, it seems rediculous but they are going to fix it at least.

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