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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by wattabing, Nov 10, 2014.

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    so now my camera won't save pictures when I take them. I need to find that folder and change permissions but also thumbnails are blank but when I lclick the empty thumbnail the picture shows up. That's for photo stream. Below is a copy of a post I made earlier in the wrong spot. My camera was working before but now it's not. Not sure if texts are getting pictures now either. Will have to check. But really want to know what folders I need to change permissions on to get all this fixed. There are a few spots I know that's for sure. Cause I did fix the camera at one point and also the texts but never got the thumbnails of old pictures working. And screen shots not working but that's the same as the camera folder permissions I believe. Anyways here is old post I made

    So you seem to know what you are talking about, i just restored my iphone 6 with a iTunes backup of a jailbroken ios 8.1 from iphone 5s and restored it to iPhone 6+, but now my thumbnails in the photos app are not showing up, well they are just blank image holders, and when i click on them the pictures are there.. I also had this problem with the text messages and also camera pictures not saving, but i resolved those two issues by changing permissions on a few different folders, does anybody have any idea what folders the photos are stored in the ios firmware.. I have the icloud photo library (beta) on and upload to my photostream also on and i cloud photo sharing... But none of photos show the thumbnails EXCEPT for photos taken with the camera... THANKS oh fyi, i was ablke to see photos in my text messages again after following directions from this thread, it was a permissions problem... So i'm assuming this is too, just dont know where the folders are... I did change permissions on a few folders so far and it didnt work, i think they were called like photostreamdata, photodata, etc...
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    have you tried the DCIM folder?

    I'm on iOS 7 so I don't know the extent of the file structure change in iOS 8

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