iPhone XS Max iPhone freezes and can't force restart?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by cambookpro, Jan 11, 2019.

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    Had a problem yesterday and was wondering if anyone had encountered the same thing.

    Suddenly, no app would open on my iPhone. Pressing it would register, but no app would open. Going into the app switcher didn't allow you to enter any app. However, there was a Skype audio calling screen (looked like the screen you get when on a call with the six buttons in the middle and red end call at the bottom) there which couldn't be removed. I can't remember the last time I took a Skype audio call.

    Trying to force restart with volume up, then volume down, then power just brought up Siri. The volume buttons were changing the volume, so they all registered, just didn't initiate the reboot. Holding power and volume up didn't bring up the power off slider, just Siri. Tapping the power button to sleep the phone didn't do anything.

    The only way I eventually figured it out was to let the screen time out, then on the lock screen it allowed me to bring up the power slider. If I unlocked it, the same behaviour resumed so had to wait for it to time out again.

    I haven't come across this more than once, but it was infuriating. I was trying to show a colleague an email and had to get out my laptop.

    It's a 64GB XS Max on 12.1.2 if that matters. Has anyone else come across this?

    (I also have a bug where Settings will freeze for 5 seconds or so very often when opening it - but that seems less uncommon. iOS really is craptaculour at the moment, if it wasn't for my Watch and iMessage I'd be jumping to something else to try.)
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    I had this with Facetime when I was on a call and went out of wifi range. It froze and after an hour on the phone with apple they told me to wait for the battery to run out. The battery wass at 95% plus and phone was unusable so would take days if not weeks to drain as the screen went off quite quickly when not tapped.

    It was brand new so I just wiped it from iCloud

    Iphone Xs Max

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