iPhone Freezing on Lock screen

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  1. manichon macrumors newbie

    Jul 17, 2008
    Ok guys, I have a HUGE problem, I've tried searching, read A LOT, tried all kind of crazy possible solutions and NOTHING, that's why I'm starting a new thread.

    First off, My iPhone Specs:
    1.1.4 (4A102) Firmware
    04.04.05_G Modem Firmware
    4.6 BaseBand

    OK, so as the title suggests my iPhone freezes after being locked, sometimes it works perfectly for 8+ hours, sometimes just for a minute, then I have to hard reset the thing to get it to work, sometimes I have to hard reset it 5 or 6 times to get it to work. If I leave it unlocked and turn off the auto-lock it works perfectly.

    I've tried restoring it in normal mode, DFU mode and restore mode, restoring it using a MAC. I've used winpwn, iLiberty+, Ziphone, iplus and pwnage tool. I've downgraded the baseband to 3.9, tried 3.9 FakeBlank.

    There are some other suggested solutions I've tried but I don't think it'll help if I mention them.

    Aside from taking it to the Apple Store (wich I can't do 'cause I live in Panama, that's why I need it to be unlocked) I don't know what else to do, PLEASE HELP ME!
  2. luispiazza macrumors newbie

    Aug 4, 2009
    Hi my friend!

    I had exactly the same problem. And I hope its not too late!
    I've studied for months until I find a seller on ebay that helped me..
    I realeased that it wasn't a software problem. Tried to restore many times, in many versions...
    So I bought a logic board on ebay. I thought it didnt have another solution.
    I replaced the board, and....... Nothing...... It was so frustrating..
    But i didnt give up!
    Another time on ebay, i found an entire iphone, without lcd, logic board and camera. It was a bargain.
    That seller told me that could have a short circuit on the flat cables.
    So, i mounted the new iphone, using the entire base of the one i bought.
    I got my screen, logic board, radio board, battery and camera.
    Put them together... and bam!
    Its working perfectly!!

    I'm sorry, but that was the only way to fix it!


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