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    European War-Introduction
    iTunes DownLoad Address:http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=342097431&mt=8]

    The background of this game set in the European Continent during the age of “Musket and Artillery”. There are six countries on stage: Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Austro-Hungary and Ottoman Empire .In Conquest Mode ,you can freely choose any country among the six ones, draft soldiers, acquire tax, attack enemy, occupy country. From a weak country, gradually expand outwards by expedition, finally to dominate the entire European continent. Not only allow the player to experience the history of the evolution of situation in the course of the game, but also allow players personally own a business, dominating the world and a sense of accomplishment.
    A large number of real historical elements ensure the quality of the game, while the card system greatly improved playfulness and interesting. The game is no longer the same as the previous board strategy game by selecting the command to determine the strategy, but achieve the effect via the cards and dice. Firstly, in order to simplify the operation, secondly is to use a more flexible and relaxed approach to the interpretation of the essence of war. While the game is full of smoke flavor, but the ultimate aim let players relax, reduce stress, and therefore regard the strategy and the screen as important, and strive to excellence in these two sides.
    1. Card System
    This game combines the features of Risk. The points of casted dice affect the outcome of the battle, and on this basis, to make significant improvements, we add card system. A simple dice game player's luck seems more important, and the playability is not high. You can make different strategies based on the features of cards, draft, bomb or reinforce units by secondary weapons. War covers from land to sea. Units that equip Ship Card can move freely in the oceans. You may sail the sea for strategic assault or pincer attack.

    2. Easy Operation
    You can complete all the operations by touching screen. The design features in full compliance with iphone. In order to simplify the use of cards, we slightly adjusted the process. Click the card and then choose the target. Cards can not be kept in force after the purchase and immediately have to use.

    3. Colorful Graphics
    The map of Europe, character of soldiers, cards and other pictures are meticulously designed to allow players to be clear at a glance. Interface is the main gold-plated style, feeling metal. With the increase in the number soldiers’ shape also slightly changes.

    4. Historic War
    This game has three modes: Conquest Mode, Battle Mode, Tutorial Mode. Especially in the battle mode, you can experience the historical interpretation of the war, and the country's prosperity and decline. The main stage of the game set in the European continent during the times of during the age of “Musket and Artillery”.

    5. Land and Sea Fight
    Units that equipped Ship Card can move at sea. When the land situation is getting worse, you can look for other ways. March along the coastal way to achieve the offensive strategy of double-teamed or siege. Ocean territories also have taxes, but much lower than land’s. In a word, Land and Sea fighting make the game more three-dimensional.
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