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Apr 12, 2001

iPhone gaming continues to going strong with a variety of good titles appearing over the past few weeks over at These include:

- Blue Attack! - a very fun space shooter that offers plenty of gameplay.


- Bobby Carrot Forever - a puzzle game that requires you to navigate obstacles in order to collect all the carrots and reach the exit. Over 15 hours of gameplay.


- Textropolis - a word game in which you find as many words as possible from the letters of cities around the world. Well balanced progression and no time limit.


- Slotz Racer - a throwback to slot car racers from the 70's/80's.


See more iPhone Game coverage at TouchArcade.

Article Link: iPhone Games: Blue Attack!, Bobby Carrot Forever, Textropolis, Slotz Racer


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Aug 1, 2007
Phoenix, Arizona
Hey, thanks for your post. I love logic and puzzle type games. That Textropolis looks intriguing to me. Think I may have to try it out.
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