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    Mar 26, 2010
    Hi guys,im really new at hacking and stuff i downloaded this game from the app store on my mums iphone and mum really likes but for of suden it crashes everytime i launch it so iv been googling it and the only way is to get cydia and the way to get cydia is jailbreaking.

    So i used blackra1n and the first it worked but it was late i went 2 sleep the next day i tunred it on,WHAT HAPPENED TO BLACKra1n!? it disappred so i tried jailbreaking it again but it didnt work and everytime i or my mum turns of the ihpone as in power off and turns it on a picture of a usb pointing an icon of itunes so id have 2 use blackra1n to make iphone work (as in calling)

    so can any of you guys help fix this problem??? my mum just really wants to play tetris or sometin like that on her iphone and she very addcited so if theres a way to fix crash at the start up when touch a game without jailbreaking i would be glad Oh! and like i said how dont u make the usb thing when you turn on the iphone??

    Thanks for reading and i hope you can give me an solution
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    Oct 21, 2008
    Jailbreaking isn't a solution for games crashing as far as i know...where did you find that information?
    Blackra1n can Jailbreak devices on 3.1.2 but can only create a tethered JB on new bootrom 3Gs'...This means you must run blackra1n to boot your phone if it ever turns off. This is the solution to your 'connect to itunes' screen.
    If you want a Jailbreak that doesn't require booting from a computer, jailbreak with Spirit.
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    Mar 26, 2010
    umm well play cracked apps? any no need already found a soulotion thanks for replying anyway

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