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iPhone Games: Rolando, SimCity, HydroTilt, Konami


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Apr 12, 2001

It's been a big week in iPhone gaming this week with a couple of major releases of long anticipated titles and a big announcement by Konami.

Rolando - We first covered this game back in July and was one of the first iPhone games we got excited about. It finally arrived and first impressions are very good.

SimCity - EA's SimCity is a near complete port of the PC version of SimCity 3000 and adds to EA's impressive list of iPhone games.

HydroTilt - An otherwise unknown title in which you navigate a water bead through a 3D maze. Makes good use of the iPhone's accelerometer.

Konami announced that it would be releasing a number of new titles for the iPhone including Metal Gear Solid Touch, Dance Dance Revolution S Lite and Silent Hill: The Escape.

Article Link: iPhone Games: Rolando, SimCity, HydroTilt, Konami


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Nov 29, 2005
Red Sox Nation
Already purchased Monopoly through EA and it's excellent. I bought SimCity last night and just need to find some time to sit down and play.


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Mar 9, 2008
This is great news for iPod Touch/iPhone they are taking over the mobile gaming industry. Sorry Nintendo DS....


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Jul 23, 2008
Sim City looks awesome! I was a huge fan of the game, and I'm glad the iphone is getting a full version, not some stripped down mobile one. I hope game makers start to bring other full versions of their games to the iphone.


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Sep 18, 2003
London, UK
Rolando looks very good. Unfortunately I can't download it here at work because it's 25MB - nearly took a walk to McDonald's at lunch to hijack the wi-fi...

Metal Gear Solid Touch - fantastic news! I haven't been with Solid Snake since the original on PSX and GameCube but the screenshots look amazing! (Unless they have shown the PS3 ones?).

I don't think anyone can begin to ignore the iPhone as a solid gaming platform from now on. Too bad it'll never get Super Mario though.


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Feb 9, 2007
I'm so glad that Konami is on board! Here's hoping for Capcom and Square Enix to follow... Square already did Song Summoner for the iPod, so I'm hoping for some kind of mini Final Fantasy game for the iPhone. They've done plenty of mobile Final Fantasy spin-offs for other phones. And how cool would Street Fighter Touch or Mega Man Touch be?


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Aug 31, 2003
Wherever my feet take me…
Sounds really cool. Rolando looks fun, but never even heard of it before. I'm a fan of SimCity (I go all the way back to the original, black & white version of SimCity). But I think it would be tough to play on an iPhone. If there was a free demo, I'd try that. Anyone know if you can sync games w/ your computer? That would be awesome! Also, are there any cheats anyone knows yet? My only other question: why SimCity 3000 and not SimCity 4?


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Jan 29, 2005
Baltimore, MD
This is great news for iPod Touch/iPhone they are taking over the mobile gaming industry. Sorry Nintendo DS....

I'm loving the gaming aspect of the iPhone and iPod Touch so far (some really nice games, and well beyond what my Treo could ever do - and of course, it's a more relevant gaming platform for me since I always have my iphone with me, whereas I don't usually carry my DS or PSP around).

But having said that, the DS still completely dominates the mobile gaming world. I don't think Nintendo is quaking in their boots.



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Apr 2, 2005
Sim City looks great...gonna wait for them to drop the price. I find games always become cheaper over time. I also hear it's quite buggy. Video looks awesome though - just like the real thing! One of my favorite games. Now I have a Mac so can't really play it anymore without pretty much buying a new version or installing boot camp haha.


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Apr 29, 2006
Woodland Hills
Silent Hill! Sweet.

Dear Santa Jobs, please deliver me an iPhone update that allows controllers to be connected to my iPhone. I would really love the ability to have a D-Pad, Buttons, and perhaps if I'm real good, a joy stick.

----Little Timmy


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Apr 4, 2003

OK, I LOVED SImCity growing up, and was thrilled to see the iPhone version (but also terrified that it would eat up hours of my day). It's definitely got the potential to be as fun as SimCity 3000, but this is definitely a version 1.0 release. The program crashes constantly, and when your city is big, it doesn't autosave it! So you constantly have to go and manually save every so often or you're in for major frustration (I spent an hour growing my city, then I clicked a ticker item that didn't display correctly, and the program just hanged there with no way to back out of the screen). The controls are also a bit dodgy, which is sort of expected with the iPhone's little screen. They should also integrate the iPhone's UI guidelines a little better (Ie, when swiping to select between powerplant or park options, you should get the smooth iPhone animation, not just a snap from one item to the next).
Bugs/recommended fixes I've encountered so far:
1. Random crashes
2. Doesn't display enough information to compare multiple items when selecting between them (ie, what does one powerplant have over another in terms of polution, energy generation, lifespan, etc)
3. Spanish is in the English version when choosing parks
4. Occasionally an advisor will say something that comes up in the ticker. When you click the ticker item, you are presented with a blank template with nonworking buttons. You can't back out and have to quit.
5. Autosave doesn't work when your city is big. The program MUST save your cities if it crashes or quits unexpectedly!
6. Load time is super slow, but this is a big program
7. You constantly have to zoom out and in, then reselect the item you want to place. There needs to be a better way to adjust zoom/scrolling without deselecting the item you want to place.
8. Sims don't seem to take public transportation under any circumstances (I guess it is realistic!)
9. Sometimes zones don't get buildings on them until you make a nearby modification (ie, placing a park, bus stop). Then they grow normally.
10. The game sometimes fails to recognize that you've placed garbage zones, airports, seaports, etc and continues to call for you to create them
11. The game sometimes fails to recognize that you've built (and supplied) your business deals buildings, and so you don't get credit for them in the budget
12. Desperately needs the ability to allow you to play your own music. You get tired of the built-in music QUICK
13. Needs silent mode! The game doesn't respect the iPhone's silent setting.
14. Needs to be more stable!
15. Can't seem to connect to neighbor cities for deals
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