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    Apr 10, 2011
    Ever since I've had my 3GS, I've noticed little glitches once in a while and some of them made me laugh; I just recently started taking screenshots on the ones that were the most ridiculous. All but the safari glitch shown are with 4.2.1, the safari one was on 4.3.1. Anyone else experience similar or other visual hiccups with their iOS devices?

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    Is there supposed to be a link?
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    On a couple of your images, I can see a glitch (e.g. text entry bar, but no keyboard.) However, on some of them I can't see anything wrong.

    Could you add a quick description of the glitch I should be seeing?
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    Apr 10, 2011
    Basically try and replicate the images on your own iOS device, for example the safari one, macrumors.com is zoomed out as much as possible, making it impossible to swipe left and right outside of the page; also I should note that it stuck to that off-center image when i wasn't touching the screen at all.

    In the messages images; there shouldn't be a keyboard displayed when just skimming through messages. (Not an opened message as if to reply to them, but the overview of current active message conversations.)

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