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    Jan 24, 2011
    i know this has been done alot but im wondering how can you get like an iphone 3g or 3gs on gophone, does it need to be unlocked? can you use wifi when you put it on gophone, and can you do the simple rate plan and get unlimited texting? Thanks for you help.
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    You don't need to unlock using AT&T's pay as you go. Wifi has nothing to do with which carrier or plan you use. You should research and find out what is available for the payg.
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    Dont put in the sim!

    It's very easy, get a used AT&T iPhone, and put your sim from your go phone and you have a working cell phone but no Internet. To do use the web browser away from a hotspot go to unlockit.co.nz using your wifi on a free wifi hotspot with your iPhone,it will guide you through the rest. This will let you use the edge network just like every other go phone. Using this method will use lots of data on the network so I suggest getting a data plan. This plan will work fine if you've had a go phone for more than 6 months, but you can't go out and buy a prepaid phone and activate the plan with the standard phone you get with the sim card and then switch it anymore. The wonderful people at AT&T have made it so whichever phone you originally put the sim card into first is the phone it locks to for 6 months, you can't use it on any other phone. This being said, when you register with your go phone plan you will use the imei off a generic phone, but put the sim card in your iPhone only, I had to find this out the hard way. Just to mention, I am posting from a 3G iPhone with a prepaid plan right now, good luck!
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    AT&T and H20 Prepaid both work just fine.
    I just finished this experiment with many variables all successful for calls, text messages and voicemail.

    First I bought a AT&T gophone for $10 and $15 prepaid card from Frys.

    Went home activated the gophone online using the new dumb gophone info with the new SIM that came inside the dumb gophone kit.

    Next went to AT&T store told them I lost the SIM and need a replacement. I didnt even bring the phone with me I only gave them the phone # of the new account no other info. They gave me a brand new SIM free of charge no questions asked. Went home popped the new SIM in and works great they tied the new SIM to the phone # at the store by simply clicking a scanner on a new SIM after they keyed in my phone # into the computer. You need to do this to get a SIM not locked to the gophone.

    I have tested the SIM in my old 3G and Apple Peel 520 iPod Touch works great.

    I even cut the SIM down and test it in my iPhone 4 and works great no need to unlock or jailbreak the iPhones. I tried it both non jailbreak and jailbreak either works fine no need for an unlock its AT&T SIM with AT&T iPhones. The SIM just needs to be not locked to a particular phone like a gophone but thats easy to get around as described above. No need to worry about IMEI or anything else I used the info from the dumb gophone.

    I now have that SIM in my 3G using a SIM adapter been working fine for 2 weeks even works with bootlace android LOL.

    I have also bought a H20 SIM (uses AT&T system no need for unlock either) from Bestbuy for $10 (comes with $7 credit was a nice surprise) activated it in the same gophone and it works fine in all the same tests. That SIM is currently in my Apple Peel 520 still works fine.

    The AT&T is good if you need this phone daily 10 cents minute expires in 30 days.

    H20 is better if your using as backup emergency phone 15 cents minute but good for 90 days.

    I havnt test the Cellular Data I keep it turned off and just use wifi. I only use these for Apple Developer Beta Experiments and as Emergency Backup iPhones. I also have WIFI pretty much everywhere and a iPhone 4 contract with AT&T as primary phone.

    There are better plans on these SIM's this just example of minimal. You can also grab SIM's from EBay I was doing experiments to see if methods are true and yes they do work.
  5. jasg49, Feb 4, 2011
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    Mar 19, 2010
    It works in my stock ATT 3G iPhone - no unlock or jailbreak. Running 4.2.

    I walked into an ATT store at the mall and asked to buy a prepaid goPhone SIM with $15 credit on it for the 10 cents/minute plan. They said fine. They didn't ask about phone and I didn't say. (previously I had asked about buying one for an iPhone and was told they could - but wouldn't like it when data chewed up charges. Turning off Cellular data in settings removes that worry for me.)

    Went home and inserted the SIM into the 3G, it activated and I got a welcoming text message -but- I could not make a call. I kept getting a "You are not allowed to call this number" error PPS6170.

    Went online to activate the card on the ATT website, which went fine but the generated PIN would not allow me into my account. I clicked on the 'lost pin' link and it texted a new PIN to the phone. Then I could log in.

    Oddly, it said that I had a $60/month plan with $15 credit. Still could not make calls.

    Called *611 support number on the phone and it led me though menus and informed me that I had to add $45 to the account or change the service plan before I could make a call. I changed the plan to 10 cents/minute. First call had a constant hum, so I rebooted the iPhone and all is now well. No problems with iTunes, it recognizes the phone and displays the phone number.

    I only paid $50 for the 3G, so for a total of $65 I have a functioning iPhone. I make very few calls and can do with just WiFi data, so this suits me just fine.

    (I also have an iSpot with unlimited data for $25 for my iPad which works with the iPhone.)
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    More to add to previous post:

    1) I went to the ATT store today and asked if they object to prepaid SIM use with a iPhone. I was told that they do not object, there is no policy against it - but if you chew up minutes on lots of data, they won't help. So, keep 'Cellular Data' OFF in Network settings of your phone.

    2) The store clerks told me that they could not port my existing cell number to the SIM. They were wrong. I called Customer Service, told them I wanted to port the number and they connected me with the Porting Department and it was done in a few minutes.

    3) Having a Google Voice number is a great addition to your iPhone. With the iPhone GoogleVoice and Talkatone Apps, you can avoid using minutes for calls and texts whenever you have WiFi. GV has lots of other neat features like a single Voicemail box for both cell and GV numbers, email notification of VM, transcription of VM, etc. Access to VM is then free whenever I have WiFi or am at my computer.

    4) When logged into my ATT account, they 'know' I have an iPhone, it shows up on the support page. Another indication that they don't care if you are using a prepaid SIM in an iPhone.

    Bottom line, if you can live with WiFi data only and don't make a lot of calls or texts, a prepaid SIM works just great. If you need lots of calls or texts, there are prepaid options for that.
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    I have an iPhone 3GS on GoPhone and it's great! 19.99 for my unlimited texting plan and I add $5 every two months for talk, since I'm not a big talker anyways. 50 mins will do. Great coverage in my area and I don't have to deal with other SIM options like T-Mobile, plus my 3GS just seems to work better on the AT&T Network. I got the SIM directly from the AT&T Store because I claimed that I was gonna use it on an unlocked phone. Just remember to keep the data off! I received almost $3 in GRPS Data Charges one night because I kept it on! I wish there was a cheaper data option but it's still not bad at all!

    My next step will be to see if I can grab one of those StraightTalk Nokia N71's and grabbing the AT&T SIM from it to get unlimited everything for $45! ;)
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