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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by txr0ckabilly, Jul 28, 2008.

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    May 21, 2008
    Southwest Louisiana
    we went fishing yesterday evening and didn't set out until about 5 PM. the lake where we went is about 8 miles wide and 40 miles long with an average depth of about 5-6 feet. by the time we called it quits, it was pitch black- no problem because the boat has GPS. the owner of the boat forgot to hit the "map it" button when we launched and we were two miles out by the time he did remember. in Big Lake you can't ride along the shore because it's only about a foot deep with about 4 feet of mud. you will get stuck quick so you have to stay out in the middle and follow the boat paths.

    the iphone's touch screen didn't respond too well inside a ziplock bag but i wasn't about to pull it out for fear of dropping it in the salt water or just getting salt water spray on it. i looked up the restaurant where we launched on the yellow pages app and mapped it. we were about 4 miles past the launch when i did this and got us back pretty quickly.

    edit: i just want too add that the maps app tries to pick out roads along the shore but you can move the map around to view your start and end points. it would be nice to get an app for water that would do straight "as the crow flies" routes
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    wow thats an awsome experience!!!!!!
    hahaha yew go the apple products, theyr good for everything.

    good to hear the money is paying off for itself :p

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