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  1. AzazelCoH macrumors newbie

    Aug 21, 2008
    Ok will give you some background to whats going on with me. I am not a mac fan or anything, like many of you here I have had a lot of different mobile phones and organisers but travel a lot and need a reliable phone etc.

    Well I decided to go for the iPhone 3G, free upgrade from my current Samsung so why not eh. Anyway everything seemed nice and happy, syncing with outlook (windows that is), has all my contacts, photos taken, sms messages and well yeah, some apps from the App Store. Now dont get me wrong, this App store is a nice feature but there are an awful lot of programmes on there that simply crash the phone. I cant put my finger on exactly what happens or under what conditions things dont install properly, but I have always used wifi connections to keep the download speed high, turn off the autolock so the phone doesnt goto sleep whilst installing. But no matter what I am now having to restore the iphone for the 7th time in the last 2 weeks.

    Its getting very frustrating that you can only sync contacts with one machine running itunes (yes I know about MobileMe, but I dont feel paying a large annual fee on top of my contract for something that gives basically functionality is worth it). In my situation the phone dies, cant get it to turn back on without just showing the Apple logo. From everything I have read on the net about that situation it seems putting the phone in restore (in plug in the powercable and hold down the home button till it asks for itunes link). Of course if this happens when your not at home with the one computer you can use with all your data, you end up restoring the system to its nude form (no data). I have a car power cable that is a glorified usb cable so am able to get the phone back to its nude form. But my hassle with this phone is that when it dies like this, apple logo, the only way to get it back to life is a restore. Why oh why oh why did Apple decide that a full OS restore would result in complete loss of data. If you havent sync'd recently then photos and sms will be lost when a restore is done. Is it really that hard to make sure all user data, esp contacts/sms/photos are kept in place.

    At the moment I just dont see how the combination of the iphone 3g OS and App store can result in a reliable usable phone for daily use.

    I know others are having such problems but I wish there were other ways to get your contacts etc back quickly - backup and restoration does take so long as well. Looking at the windows backup of the phone under c:\user\appdata\roaming\apple computer\mobilesync stores around 650 mb for me right now with over 7500 individual files. Whose idea to create so many files of small size, gawd knows.. Seems a little mad a ppl know lots of small files takes an age to copy/backup (i have to reformat soon).

    Anyway, sorry if this is a little all over the place but I am getting a little frustrated with the reliability of the phone. Its worrying as I am travelling abroad for two weeks very soon and would hate to loose photos etc (I wont be taking a computer, its a holiday ;) ).

    If anyone knows any form of solution (apart from removing all apps and staying with a nude phone) I would love to hear from you. Any apps for pc out there to add contacts to the phone, not just itunes. and no I wont jailbreak lol. Please dont get me wrong, I dont want to hate or get fed up with the iphone, i think its got alot of potential, but has useability issues , compounded with poor coded apps maybe on the store. Hope Apple get harder with app writers.

    Ta anyway.
  2. AzazelCoH thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 21, 2008
    and its done it again. Turned off the iphone , no apps installed different from yesterday, and now it wont turn back on, just the apple logo... Is rapidly becoming an unreliable phone... Restoring again overnight.. sigh,..
  3. zpookey macrumors newbie

    Aug 28, 2008
    Your not alone...i have the same crappy problem....exept that my iPhone locks up when i install apps or update them...not every time but often enough. i stoped counting the number of times i have restored my iPhone....it's getting to a point that i really thinking of give up the idea of using my iPhone ever again.
  4. AzazelCoH thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 21, 2008
    well i got tired of it and went back to apple, picked up a replacement, havent updated to 2.02,its still 2.0 and no such problems right now. I know about the ATT power thingy but as I am in the UK shouldnt be an issue staying at 2.0 for a bit longer till 2.1. Go get a replacement I say :)

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