iPhone has no Airplay icon -> iPhone [is] the hotspot

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by patent10021, Sep 6, 2011.

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    Here's what I'm trying to do. I have an iP4, ATV2, iPad2 and MacBook.

    I'm currently using my iP4's 3G connection (hotspot) for internet because I don't have real cable internet. All my devices are tethered to my iP4's hotspot and everything works as advertised. I'm in Japan and have been able to download torrents at 500 kbps with no problem. Saves me a lot of money being able to use my iP4 for all my internet needs.

    Anyway, I'm not seeing the Airplay option in the iPod / camera roll functions of my iP4. My friend who has an iP4 is able to connect to my iPhone's hotspot and connect to my ATV2 and send media via Airplay with out any problems.

    I don't get the Airplay icon on my phone though. Is this because my iP4 is the network starting point? I can't "connect to myself" theory?

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    Yes you can't connect to your network started by the phone on the same phone.
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    Wtf. Seems odd that I can't use Airplay. Any ideas?solutions? Btw, my ATV2 can't connect to my iP4's hotspot either. Is this because it's not the "real internet" but only 3G?

    And...can't we use/connect all devices on one Airport Extreme network even though it has no internet? It's a WiFi router isn't it? So why can't my ATV, connect to my Airport Extreme network? It sees the Airport Extreme but cant' connect to it. Flashing yellow light on the Airport Extreme but that's only because it doesn't have internet right? My iPhone and iPad connect to it fine even though I can't do anything with the connection (because there's no internet).

    I need to use the TC{/IP setting and connect a LAN cable between my ATV and Airport Extreme?

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