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    Jan 29, 2013
    So I have a scenario for anyone that can help. I was working on my car the other day and happened to drop my iPhone 4S in a bucket of brake fluid. My phone is now junk. I am not willing to pay full price for a new phone and I don't have insurance on it because I listened to a friend that told me I could buy the apple care plans anytime within the first year. I contacted someone in town that had a 4s listed on Craigslist and met them at the Verizon store. Come to find out they switched to a different carrier and didn't pay off the balance they owed Verizon, so Verizon would not let me activate it because of the hold. If I put my SIM card from my broken phone into the locked phone would I be able to activate it on my account?
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    I don't know about SIM cards as I'm on Sprint and this is the very first time I've ever dealt with them. Currently on Sprint they are only used for LTE.

    Anyway, I do know that a direct out of warranty replacement price from Apple is something like $199. So, if you paid anything like that to the guy from CL you could have had a new iPhone for that.

    Sorry dude, looks like the guy was trying to dump the bill on you.
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    The Verizon 4S you bought is blacklisted.
    Also not sure if you knew but you can bring your damaged 4S to Apple and they will replace it for $199
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    Sorry to hear. But sounds like you got shafted.

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