iphone housing modification (red).

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by liquidtrend, Jan 29, 2009.

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    first, if this is in the wrong section...i apologize.


    a couple months ago my iphone became a victim of water damage.
    since i am going to be purchasing a new iphone in the near future, i was very curious about these colored housings that have been popping up on ebay, or websites such as http://www.ecaseshop.com/ (where this shell came from).
    so with nothing to lose, i went ahead and ordered one of these "sets" and applied them to my iphone.

    the following is my story, including results, opinions:

    i ordered the set in the beginning of the new year. shipped from hong kong, it arrived on my doorstep earlier this afternoon.


    set includes :
    back housing, plastic (metallic looking) bezel, replacement screen, screw driver set, misc. "stuff".

    sadly...the screw driver set did not fit. so i used my own screw drivers.
    a handful of parts looked pretty cheap. (as i suspected it would.)


    okay...so after gutting everything out of my iphone, i remembered why i hated taking small electronics apart. those damn little screws...oh i hate them.


    as i put the peices into the new housing...i noticed that not only was the new plastic housing pretty cheap, the interior did not match correctly with the original. for example, a couple sections did not have any holes for screws such as the vibrator.

    after rigging the necessary parts together...
    ive got a fully functioning water damaged iphone 3g with a red shell.
    as well as a couple extra screws...



    you can tell the quality isnt GREAT by the edges with that frayed plastic and paint look.

    the outcome is decent. its pretty good plastic. im sure if they took a bit more time in the construction of the housing...it would have had a much better outcome.

    because the housing isnt exact as the original...my iphone has a bit of a gap on the right hand side that is an annoyance to me.

    maybe some of you guys could have put this thing together better than i could have. but it was a fun little project for me. i didnt have any work to do anyway.

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    Jan 19, 2009
    It looks girly :p I kid Nice mod! Now I know what to do if i suffer from water damage.

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