iPhone, iCloud and what to back-up now?

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    May 2, 2006
    Ok, here's my setup. 64gb iPhone, MBP and MBA. I'd like to eliminate the MacBook Pro, however that is where I keep my iPhone backup, as well as about 250 GB worth of Aperture and iTunes libraries.

    Since signing up for iCloud and iTunes Match, nearly all the vital data on my iPhone is backed up in some capacity or another, correct? I would still sync photos via Aperture and still want to save my text messages to a backup file. But ideally I could sync my iPhone with my MacBook Air while letting Match maintain my music and iCloud maintain my contacts, calendars, email and Notes.

    I can't fit all of my media on my Air (128 GB) and don't want to plug in an external every time I sync (daily), unless it's to offload a bunch of photos.

    Am I missing anything? Should this work? My iPhone has become my primary music player since getting AirPlay over my Airport WiFi network, so I don't really need music files on my computer, beyond it being a storage hub.

    Thank you!
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    May 2, 2006
    Anyone? Bueller? If my earlier post was unclear I apologize. Maybe a summary will help.

    What I'm hoping I can do is drastically minimize the size of my iPhone backup on my local machine by relying on iCloud, iTunes and iTunes Match to maintain all my media/apps. The only data backed up to my local machine would be what? Text messages? Any data required by Apps like documents for DocsToGo?

    Thanks again-

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