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    Hi Guys,

    I have an issue with the Tom Tom app on the iPhone as it is a battery killer which is expected as they recommend that you connect to a 1.5a or 2a car charger in order to keep the battery topped up. In my car this is not a problem as I can use the 12v power port with a sub adapter in it then stream my music and directions via Bluetooth which works well.

    Now here is the issue when driving the works van I have a requirement to have the works phone on Bluetooth so I can answer the phone legally when driving. This means in order for me to put my music and direction through the van speaker I need to use it media player mode via the vans USB port which is more than likely to be a 500ma port.

    So I would have to use a 12v to usb charger cable from the power socket to in the van but can't then output the audio via the car stereo (probably use aux out) but then you loose the steering wheel controls.

    Is there such thing as a usb power booster, bear with me on this one. The device sits inline between the phone and the car USB port, it then has a fly lead/power cable that goes to your 12v power port and sucks down the power from that port yet lets data pass through to the van/car.

    I ask this because I have heard the new usb 3.0 spec allows up to 1200ma from a single port in high power mode and from what I have read the iPhone supports this the only side effect is that the usb data rate slows down so large data transfers are quicker.

    I have tried googling but I don't know what to look for so the results aren't too helpful. I know home made chargers like the minty boost puts 2v on the usb D+ and D- lines to tell the phone to charge but that would mean data doesn't work.

    EDIT: Something like this where it draws power from a 2nd usb port, but how would the iPhone know that its safe to draw high current and still use data.

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    Perhaps you could call forward the work phone to your phone, use your charger and then Bluetooth your phone to the car system?
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    Look for a combo charger/aux cable assy that charges and carries audio to the car's sound system. Mine is an older cable, but attaches to the 5s with an adaptor that Apple sells. The volume is adjustable from the steering wheel controls and the phone connects with bluetooth and the volume for that goes thru the steering wheel. If the Nav or iTunes is on and the phone rings, they fade out so you can talk and listen to phone calls.

    In the end, I suggest you contact a quality car stereo shop and ask if they can hook you up. Avoid any who propose using FM!!!! Perhaps Crutchfield will also have a solution. Spell out your needs so they don't come up with a half-arsed solution (unless they all say that is the only way to get some functionality).

    Note that some vehicles do not have an aux connection, but some have ways to attach one. Note that in my system at least I have to set the system to "Aux", not CD or other options.

    My system works off of the lighter socket for the charging part, using a USB connector that plugs into the adaptor that goes into the socket.

    Last time I looked it was hard to get that combo cable. Evidently Apple didn't like it for some reason, not an Apple part or whatever.

    You can also use an aux cable from the headphone jack, but the sound is not as good. FM is astonishingly dangerous and bad at the same time.
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    Thanks Carl we have a winner.


    No idea why I didn't think of this, my work phone can bluetooth to my van radio with my iPhone blue toothed to the himbox connected to the radio using the 3.5mm input.

    I loose the skip and next track buttons on the steering wheel but gain them in the form of the microphone bug which has them and I can also use Siri to select my music when safe to do so.
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    That looks like a great solution to the problem.

    I'm just left wondering why forwarding the work phone to your phone, then using your hi cap charger on your phone, and bluetoothing your phone to the van wouldn't retain the steering wheel controls for your music? Any calls from the work or private number would mute the music and allow the van to speaker them for you. Saves $30 also with less setup.

    I use this exact setup when I forward my T-Mobile number to my AT&T number and have Pandora and my Maps app running through my car audio system.
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    Forwarding is a great idea, just remembering to turn it off and having to change my voicemail greeting on my personal phone. Laziness on my part really.

    Also I need to buy a new car usb adapter as the one I bought from TK Maxx has burned out so why not spend the extra £20 and it satisfies my urge for new gear.

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    Feb 15, 2015

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