iPhone in Restore Mode, Big Problem! HELP!

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    Jul 24, 2008
    OK, here's my problem and it's a doozy. To begin, my iBook's hard-drive went kaput about 2 months ago. I took it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store and they could do nothing about it. I was upset, but it wasn't too big a deal for me at the time. Unfortunately, all the stuff on my iPhone (contacts, music, etc.) was stored on that computer. Long story short, I don't have another computer and I'm using a friends' at the moment. I wasn't going to try a program like "senuti" until I bought a new one, probably right before I start school again (still holding out hope of a redesigned Macbook). It wasn't a problem for me until last night: the iPhone worked fine, I was just unable to sync it to a computer to update to the new software.

    Until last night. I don't know what happened, but I pressed the Home button to unlock it and I saw the iTunes logo and a cable. A little searching on the internet and I found out that apparently the phone is in restore mode and I need to connect to iTunes to perform a restore. Now, I'm under the impression that if I do restore the phone, all information on it is lost. Ideally, you're supposed to restore your phone using your computer, so it automatically puts your information back on, but my situation is different. The music, videos, etc. are important, but not as important as my contacts. Is there any way to get those off the phone and/or keep the phone from deleting them?

    Also, I believe that I backed up my iTunes on a separate hard-drive maybe 2 weeks before my iBook became a paperweight. Unfortunately, the portable hard-drive is formatted to a Mac and I only have access to Windows-based computers and whenever I connect it, the hard-drive never shows up. Is there any way I can get information off that hard-drive?

    If anyone's still reading, I apologize for the length. I thought more information would be better than too little. Really, any help would be appreciated. I'm going crazy trying to figured out hot to fix this (and why it happened in the first place! Honestly, the phone was working perfect not 5 minutes before). Thank you.

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