iPhone in Spain this spring

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by juanm, Mar 12, 2008.

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    Hi! I don't know if it's been said before (I ran a quick search and didn't find it) so here it goes.

    I recently got a phone call from K-Tuin –one of the main Apple resellers in Spain- announcing that the iPhone was going to be launched in Spain this spring, and asking if i was interested in being put on the waiting list, or something like that. I think they also mentioned it was to be carried by Telefonica (there has already been lots of rumors about this before).

    Just thought I could share this info. From what I've seen and heard, lots of people would buy one (actually, I've seen several in the wild in the past weeks).
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    Even if it is a rumor...

    you know what, it's a "fantastic rumor" and just maybe, it'll happen! I'll keep an eye out here in the states; keep us posted. :cool:

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