iPhone in water, dried, works, but problems still

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  1. ajbajo01 macrumors newbie

    Dec 9, 2010
    I dropped my iphone 4 in a toilet for approximately 2 seconds, dried it, left it on for two hours. Lost function progressively. Restarted it and got a message that showed that I needed to plug it into itunes, like when I originally got it. I did so, and it said it can't connect to itunes becuase I need to type in passcode, which I set as 1234 previously. I can't do that though, because all it can do it type in emergency phone numbers. I put it under a hair dryer and am leaving it in a bag of rice (off) now, but I wanted to know if this is a glitch because it got wet or if this can be gotten around by typing in the passcode another way.

    Thank you for suggestions all.

    - a very frustrated and slightly stupid iphone 4 owner.
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    Apr 16, 2008
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    It's not a glitch, it's hardware damage caused by the water.
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    I dropped my iPhone 3GS in a swimming pool a couple weeks after I got it last year. To dry it out I left it on the dashboard of a car in the hot sun for a day. After that it works well except the WiFi reception is weak. Maybe you should try more extreme drying. (But don't put it in a toaster.)
  4. bobbyroller macrumors member

    Jan 7, 2009
    That is the same exact think happened to my Iphone 4. I left it in my pocket and went swimming for about 45 min, and I noticed it after I was done swimming. I took the whole iphone apart and blew it out with a air compressor, and dried the phone out with rice for about 5 days. The phone works completely fine except the wifi reception is very weak. (You need to be at least 10-15 ft away from the router to get reception) and the proximity scencer to not work. When you make a call and put the phone next to your ear, the screen shuts off, but the screen will not turn back on when you pull the phone away.

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