iPhone (& iPad) MS Exchange Calendar Changing Color Itself

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  1. MacGiver, Aug 15, 2011
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    Hi all,

    Since recently, my iPad and iPhone calendars (syncing with my enterprise exchange) is changing colors all the time by itself, meaning when I quit the Calendar App and open a it again a few minutes/hours later, the calendar will pop up on its latest color for a sec or two and then disappear to come back again a few min later with a new color. It is like I was deactivating/activating the calendar option manually while I did not do it.

    Any idea how to solve this please? I never had that issue before...

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    Feb 13, 2011
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    Weird that it's changing colors on you. I know that Gmail calendars, when added through exchange, don't keep the colors set at Google. I don't know if they would change randomly like that as I have them set up via CalDav which retains the Google colors.

    Is it one calendar (account) or more than one?

    FWIW if you're jailbroken there's a Cydia tweak called "Calendar Colors" which will override the phone or whatever is pulled from the server.
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    Aug 14, 2013
    Calendar Changing Color Itself

    It just happened to me. Today, while teaching and setting up an appointment for a student, it just randomly flipped two colors. I changed it back. It flipped again. And then LOST an event. Then got it back again! I played with it off and of since then -- shutting down the device, and my iPhone, synched to it, etc, although I haven't reset my device (last resort). Nothing works to keep it from happening, though it seems to cycle its rate of change. I'm going to see if an update is available for it, and will copy this post to Apple. As if they give a *****..[Just kidding, if someone at Apple really DOES give a poop, and is willing to help..].

    This is my first post, btw. And really, the first issue I've had with my iPad since I got it last Christmas...

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