iphone/ipad subscribed calendars not refreshing

Discussion in 'Apple Music, Apple Pay, iCloud, Apple Services' started by bier-meister, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. bier-meister macrumors regular

    Nov 25, 2008
    Hamburg, Germany
    I've a number of subscribed calendars that show up ok in ical and refresh ok every time I start the app. However these calendars don't refresh on the ipad or iphone. I have to delete the calendar from mobileMe under settings and add it again to get the latest calendar. I don't see any way of even manually forcing a refresh.

    Anyone experiencing anything like this and know of a solution?
  2. felmanir macrumors newbie

    Oct 10, 2008
    Me too

    I'm having the same issue.

    - Subscribed cals are updating in me.com & in iCal on Mac, but not on my iPhone.
    - No one else in our office is having this problem.

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