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    I'm not sure if such a controller exists but what I'm wanting to know is if you can purchase an adapter which acts as the play/pause button and potentially the volume controls..

    So for example, I make my 20 minute commute to football, I have a straight forward audio cable plugged into the jack of the phone and aux selected on the CD player in car.. I wish to skip track....oh wait I can't unless I press the home button then skip on the screen.. Not possible, nor safe.. Volume is a physical button so not quite so bad..but I wish to have a part which acts like the iPhone headphone controller but able to sit between CD player and phone
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    Here's a decent solution, I believe. Though it's not exactly what you're asking for. With the right bluetooth adapter, you can do exactly what you're asking for and more, for a reasonably low price. You can do all of the following:

    1) Install it onto a permanent, easy to reach location on your dash board, using the sticky pad provided.

    2) Connect that adapter to the AUX-In port on your CD Player with the wire that's built into the adapter, and power it using the car's cigarette charger with the built in charging adapter.

    3) Wirelessly connect that adapter to your phone with bluetooth. After pairing the adapter to your phone the first time, it should wirelessly connect to your phone automatically whenever you start your car.

    4) Listen to music or other iPhone audio via bluetooth wireless, and use the physical track-forward and track-back buttons on the adapter to skip tracks or go back to earlier tracks. Without removing it from your pocket, you can start playing audio and skip tracks as needed.

    5) Use the adapter's built in microphone to answer calls, as it's actually a hands free kit.

    Here's a device I've used that does everything above:
    Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for Cars with Aux Input Jack (3.5 mm) - supports aptX

    It's very easy to install this yourself.

    I did this with my girlfriend's car and she's loving it. It basically does exactly what you want, but does it wirelessly and ADDS hands free calling.

    If your car shuts off the cigarette lighter when you turn off the engine (most cars do) then you're all set, and the device will automatically power up each time you start your car. If your cigarette lighter does NOT power down when you shut off your engine, then you'll either want to unplug the charging cable at night (to save your car's battery), or pay a car stereo place to convert your charging outlet to switched. There's a place near me that does that for about $60.
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    Thanks, I had thought about Bluetooth but always liked the cable as its plug and play (literally!) and no battery drain etc.. Maybe it's just something that isn't even possible yet and Bluetooth is the only way!

    I'll look at those options
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