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    Hi all, (Could a mod please sticky this thread?)

    This thread is for people who have made iPhone/iPod Touch themes for WinterBoard and SummerBoard in Photoshop/GIMP. Please do not post themes from Cydia/Installer unless you own it - rights and insults, please :D. You can post and download themes here, and please include a screenshot so we know what we are downloading...:D:D

    P.S. Could a mod please sticky this thread?

    I am currently archiving my theme to upload here, this could be a great thread in the making!! :D


    My Theme: System Touch + Custom SpringBoard Weather Widget:
    View attachment System Touch.zip

    Weather Widget:
    You have to open the folder, and fix up the configureMe.js to have your Hometown/City for the weather location or it will try to get mine. It needs to be in the format of "Hometown, FS" or "City, Country". Upload to /Library/Themes/ in SSH.
    View attachment WeatherWidget.zip
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    Sep 22, 2007
    I do this over at SMBThemes.com

    Sadly I haven't had much time to post new themes. . .but there is a good collection there. Themes aren't downloadable though. Just showing them off so you can easily browse and know what to look for when you open Installer or Cydia
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