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    Feb 21, 2012
    I know this has been discussed before, but searching turns up mainly a lot of un-helpful results.
    Once the phone has gone to the "iPhone Disabled Connect To iTunes" screen, is there any way to get it back to the keypad to try entering the code?
    My wife decided to put a passcode on her new phone late the other night, but then couldn't remember it the next morning.
    It has never been connected to a computer or iTunes before, so that won't work.
    Basically she has a couple dozen pictures that she took last weekend, along with some videos, that she doesn't want to loose, otherwise I would just restore the phone (I can get it to go into that mode, with the USB cable and iTunes logo).
    I found this method to bypass the passcode entry, but it seems quite complex and not sure how old it is or if it applies to the 4S and iOS 5.x
    She went to the Apple store today, but all they can do is restore, and we are saving that as a last resort if there's no other way.

    If anybody knows a way around this (that won't end up bricking the phone hopefully), that would be great, as these pictures may not be "replaceable" so to speak, as they were taken with her sister in law who is terminally ill with cancer, and lives quite a ways away.
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    Feb 21, 2012
    On the plus side of this situation, everyone she knows is now backing up their iPhones heh.

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