iPhone is fried


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Aug 26, 2008
has anyone else encountered this type of problem?

when using the wall charger with the iphone one day i noticed that the large battery icon came up on screen, usually this disappears when unconnected, but instead it stayed on.

also, the battery icon in top right said it was plugged in and charging even when it was not.

basically the battery drained all the way to zero and the phone turned itself off. no form of charging - wall charger / usb from computer, would re-kick the phone.

i have tried numerous things to get it back up and running including replacing the battery. given it was a hacked 1st gen iphone i could not send it back to apple. the battery replacement exercise seemed to work, but now, it sometimes comes on - for about 10 minutes or so and works as normal but eventually the screen fades and it doesn't want to work again.

all very weird. any ideas ?