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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by invasian, May 9, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm having an incredibly difficult time fixing this problem. The iphone is not being detected at all by my computer, either in OSX or windows on multiple computers. Because it is not detected, I can't do any of the normal procedures to try to restore it. (For example, in windows, the iphone is at least recognized as a camera device or something, but in my case, nothing) It is as if I didn't plug anything in. It's not the cord, it's not the computer, it's the iphone itself I think.

    It is jailbroken and unlocked, but i've never had a problem for 3 years. Just recently, I updated to itunes 9.1. I also had it connected to my laptop, which was on sleep, and received a phone call, which i then unplugged, waking up the laptop. Not sure if that messed up something (the combination of it being connected in sleep mode and then disconnecting while the phone was ringing?)

    Anyways, I tried a lot of things, and currently, the phone just boots to the apple logo and that's it. I try putting it in DFU mode, plug it in, and nothing. Nothing happens because the bottom line is that the phone isn't being detected by the computer, any computer. Is there a way to manually restore the phone somehow? Like take apart the phone and remove something?
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    You said you try DFU mode and then plug it in. That's now how you do DFU mode. See my sig.

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